No One Needs to be on Welfare

Time to win some friends and influence people!

There isn’t any legitimate reason why anyone should be on welfare. Spare me the pitiful diatribe about how capitalism has failed and that you can’t find a job, or how you aren’t able to support your children, get medical care, find housing, or buy food without having a gub’ment teet on which to suck. I’ve heard it all before and I refuse to say that there are people out there that truly need it. No there aren’t. Let me explain.

Let’s go back over 100 years when a socialist ideology began bleeding from Europe into a prosperous United States. The same form of government and economical structure simply would not work in the U.S. due that rediculous parchment known as the Constitution, so they had to find a way to “fundamentally change”* it. Sound familiar? So over a period of many years they were able to find ways to exploit the wording, such as those found in the Commerce clause and the General Welfare clause, in order to nudge us toward Socialism, and eventually Communism.

Sometimes, this nudging wasn’t moving things along quickly enough and so a strong thrust was needed through emergencies because “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”** right? So you have the creation of the welfare system born out of the Great Depression. The New Deal and then the New New Deal both advanced the Socialist agenda by decades and coupled with constant restriction upon a capitalistic economy it eventually strangled our nation. The proof lies in our pathetically depressed state of West Virginia where over 50% is on welfare. I spoke to a 17 year old kid who is on disability and had not a single thing wrong with him physically and he wants to start a young Democrat Society in Cabell County (shocker). A 17 year old? LAZY that’s what is wrong with him and the majority of people on welfare…er I’m sorry, social security – that way it doesn’t sound so embarrassing and shameful.

Let me say that I had a good job, a great career, and a bright future, but it all came crashing down when the oil and gas work left. I was left with three kids to raise and no home. What to do what to do? Did I apply for gub’ment assistance? Nope. I worked one full-time job, two part-time jobs, and put myself through college. It’s been hard. At times VERY hard, but I am not beholden to anyone but God for the blessings he’s given for me to be able to do without the handouts. It can be done. Drop the excuses. The Socialists want you depending upon them so that you will re-elect them, so that you can help forward their agenda, so that you can help them overload the system so that it collapses into their monetary system. Don’t allow society to convince you that you’re conservative, libertarian or otherwise. So long as you are benefitting from the system then you support the system. 

I once sat with my old boss for hours at a time and together we would solve the world’s problems. Welfare was one of those and here’s how – those who are on it gets 2 1/2 years; no more and no less. This provides enough time to get a new vocation (2 yr certification) and find a job. Then you’re on your own. Vocational trades pay good money and can breathe new life back into our economy and nation. If you aren’t currently sucking on the gub’ment teet then tough luck pal, kick rocks – you ain’t getting any.

We have to stand our ground here and say no further! We have to be the ones that make the difference because no one else will. We live in this time for a reason, make it count for something. Here we hold the line.

* – Barack Obama

**- Rahm Emanuel