West Virginia Republican Senator not Educated on Common Core

Listened to The Tom Roten Morning Show, and heard an interview with Mike Hall, Republican for WV state Senate, and he has clearly not done his due diligence on Common Core to know its true history and origin. It IS NOT just a political tool used in opposition to No Child Left Behind as he stated that it is. Either the Senator thinks we are stupid enough to believe this or he is! So instead of writing legislation that kicks the can down the road until after the next election cycle (you don’t think we’ve figured that one out huh?) How about you do job your now instead of later, at which point I’m sure you will likely kick the can again or your puppet masters will have given you something to replace it with.

Possible solution: Repeal Common core and defer all curriculum decisions to reside within the purview of the local school boards and parents. Sheesh! That was a tough one.