An appeal for unity

Ours is a nation built on one thing, the desire to be free. Freedom has as many different definitions as there are people, but in that one word we can find that which binds us all together. Left or right, Democrat or Republican, black or white, gay or straight, pro-choice or pro-life; these things we can fight and argue about from now until doomsday, but we can unite under this one desire. We have all been pulled so far away into our own little sqwables and pet causes that we have put too much distance between that which could bring us together; that which bound our fathers, and our grandfathers. We as lovers of freedom cannot allow a small few to divide us, to wipe away our history, and to tell us what we have to accept. I will not allow differences of political opinion to separate me from others who love our country as much as I do, who loves other people as much as I do, and those who love freedom as much as I do. If we don’t come together, if we don’t reach out to one another, if we don’t stop worrying about who’s guy is going to win then we will once again fight brother against brother on a field of battle instead of in an arena of ideals. I’m no better than anyone else. I have put blinders on to anything that didn’t fit inside my box of beliefs and values but I know I can do better. I know we can all do better. There is more to us, to our society, and more to our nation than two immovable sides to everything. Smile at each other, hold a door open, give a wave to drivers who are courteous, and help bear one another’s burdens. Join me in this. Surely it can’t be wrong to love each other and see our shared future under a blanket of freedom.


CNN Publishes Fake Quote by A. Lincoln

What if this insanity leads to “free speech control” that places restrictions on the press to “reign in” fake news?

West Virginia not so Wild and Wonderful

I’m just going to say it – West Virginia is a dying state now in its death throws. Failed leadership, socialist policies, and a long history of progressive ideology has driven the state to financial ruin and they have refused to listen to what they need to do to fix it. They know what they’re doing; they aren’t stupid. Nearly everyone is on welfare and business simply isn’t welcome here sending jobs and career opportunities elsewhere. Our children’s only hope for success is to move away. It wouldn’t surprise me if this state hasn’t been purposely used as a testing ground for new laws and regulations to see what works best to overload our nation’s economical system to further nudge us to toward Socialism/communism.

The following were the comments left on my Facebook post:

M – 100% agree. The worst part is the fact people buy into the hype. I am not from here. I am a Texan born and raised. But I retired from the Army in this state. I refused to move away from my daughter. It fails on the most important things in society. Jobs, welfare, education, healthcare, budget, and has one of the worst drug addiction problems in the nation. But the minute you try to explain that WV is not Wild and Wonderful people get up in arms. It’s sad. I may not be from WV but my daughter is being raised here. I’ll be damned if her future is grim because people don’t want to face the music.

Me – I have alot of pride in the fact that I’m a mountaineer and aside from the time I was stationed elsewhere I have lived here my whole life and it’s sad to see where we’ve been led. Pride is no longer enough to keep me here and I find myself looking for a more successful path; one that may actually be wild and wonderful

M – You’re not the first person I have heard say that. Which is sad. Home is home. Texas will always be my home. I’m not there for other reasons. And I’m sorry but this recent idea that legal marijuana will fix WV baffles me. This states problem go far beyond revenue. It’s a policy and politician problem. And the new generation isn’t helping. I don’t get how a guy like Justice gets elected in a state that went to Trump.

Me – I was going to reply but honestly I couldn’t have said it better

Me – Actually, I will add only this: California is usually a pretty good guide to see where the rest of the nation will be in ten years. About ten years ago they legalized Marijuana; now look at where they’re at – did it help or hurt them? I’m not going to argue the truths or facts about Marijuana but I will argue that the same old argument they are using now in West Virginia to legalize it was the same they used ten years ago in California. California now currently stands on the edge of an economic precipice of which there will be no return.

M – Exactly. Took the words out of my mouth.